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Be Active

Staying motivated is easy when you’re having fun.

Eat Well

Make healthy eating simple with educated, mindful decisions.

Pre & Post Natal

Make sure you and your baby stay at optimal health prior and post pregnancy.

KS Personal Training

Born a prairie girl, I made the move to Vancouver in 2004. Shortly after the move, I discovered a passion for running, and completed my first ½-marathon. Inspired to take my passion further I enrolled at the University of British Columbia. In 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology & minor in Nutritional Science.

As a Can-Fit-Pro certified Personal Trainer and Pre- & Post Natal Fitness Specialist I have been working with Vancouverites to achieve their health & fitness goals since 2008.

"I work with you to define your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses"

To me, training is not just my job… it’s my lifestyle. As someone who has gone through the change myself, I firmly believe that although adopting a healthy lifestyle may not always be easy, it is without a doubt always worth the effort.

KS Personal Training
Staying motivated is easy when you’re having fun.

Choosing activities that you enjoy will never feel like ‘working out’ and I’ll help you integrate them into your lifestyle, yielding amazing results. If you enjoy lifting weights & counting reps, we’ll customize an exercise routine. If just the thought of going to the gym is exhausting, no problem – we’ll find something else to get you moving… walking, jogging, swimming, hiking, biking, gardening – options are endless.

Benefits of Keeping Fit

  • • Reduces stress & improves sleep
  • • Reduce risk of chronic disease
  • • Optimize flexibility & mobility
  • • Boosts energy
  • • Maintain healthy body weight
  • • Exercise can be fun!
Make healthy eating simple with educated, mindful decisions.

Healthy eating does not mean omitting food groups and cutting calories… You eat healthy by consuming an energy balanced diet including fresh fruits & veggies, whole grains, organic meats, fish and dairy (and even a little dark chocolate or glass of red wine - in moderation). Through establishing a set of personalized guidelines and fine-tuning your knowledge of healthy foods and portion sizes, you’ll find yourself enjoying the foods that will assist you in your healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Eating Habits can:

  • • Optimize energy levels
  • • Aids in healthy, glowing skin
  • • Improve gut health & motility
  • • Strengthen immune system
  • • Improve taste of & desire for whole foods
  • • Prevent obesity, diabetes & related diseases
There’s no better exercise buddy than your baby.

The 40 weeks leading up to your baby’s arrival is a great time to make healthy lifestyle changes that will have positive affects on both you and your baby. We will work together to design a fitness plan that compliments your body’s natural adaptations through each trimester. As a certified Pre & Post Natal Specialist, I will take care in guiding you through a safe, fit & fun pregnancy. Once your baby is born we will keep the momentum going by getting your baby involved in your new, healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Pre & Post Natal Fitness

  • • Control weight gain
  • • Build fetal tolerance to stress
  • • Balance muscle adaptations
  • • Increased strength for labour
  • • Improved emotional & physical postpartum recovery
KS Personal Training

Change your life today

Change is not always easy, but with KS Personal Training it can be fun! Start by telling Kristin a little about yourself and your goals.

Please include the following in your email/voicemail:

  • Your training goal(s) (weight loss, injury rehabilitations, competition, improve health, etc)
  • Your preferred training days/times (Monday mornings, Tuesday evenings, Thursday afternoons, etc)
  • Your current fitness regime (Sports, activities, couch surfing, etc)
  • Your ideal starting date